The busy lifestyle of our modern world can often run in direct opposition to good vocal health. Plenty of rest, regular mealtimes, and minimization of stress are great for the voice, but often are sacrificed in our hectic daily routines.Try to avoid eating within four hours of bedtime to minimize reflux, and try to take more frequent and smaller meals during the day. Get as much sleep as practical. Try meditation, prayer, or diverting activities to reduce the level of stress you feel. Taking some time out of the day for yourself can greatly improve your effectiveness, overall.

Exercise benefits the mind as well as the body, and a regular conditioning routine is recommended. Resistance training to strengthen the core muscles can particularly benefit breath support. Be careful to avoid vocal trauma during weightlifting by breathing out during the lift and avoiding grunting or straining. Yoga and aerobic exercise can improve your breath capacity and overall stamina. The endorphins produced by vigorous exercise can help your sense of wellbeing and focus.